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BETMAN is able to carry out different activities depending on the

specific needs of the requested design

On-site technical inspections

Technical and economic feasibility analysis of the project

Technical consultancy

Three-dimensional design and rendering

Executive design with assemblies and exploded views

Components and workshop drawings

Creation of documentation and technical files

FEA structural analyses, sizing

Specific calculations and technical reports

Kinematic analysis of the elements


Systems for product production, assembly and testing

​Accessories and equipment for handling and lifting

​Equipment and systems for handling and internal logistics


​Special equipment

​Machines, assemblies or parts with specific functions

Load-bearing structures, roofing, light and heavy carpentry

Industrial layouts and logistics solutions

​Mechanical design

Analysis and stability checks of rigid bodies in static and transport conditions

Product industrialization and cost reduction

Reverse engineering

Research and Development

Use and maintenance manuals

Risk analysis according to Ministerial Decree 2006/42/EC (Annex I)

Operating assembly instructions


Analysis of construction drawings

Purchase of materials and semi-finished products

Purchase of commercial components

Supply management

Processing account

Electro-welded carpentry

Mechanical machining

Heat and surface treatments

Quality check


On a design developed internally

On design developed externally




BETMAN has set up a structured workflow that allows you to manage the entire manufacturing process efficiently for the entire production cycle

Analysis of assembly drawings

Check supplies

Assembly of the carpentry

Assembly of mechanical groups

Put in action

Functional tests

Final quality control


Registration, packaging and delivery


BETMAN carries out maintenance activities in the mechanical sector

Overhauls and maintenance of machines, equipment and systems

Movement, disassembly and assembly of assembly production lines or mechanical processing lines

Improved maintenance integrated with redesign

Scheduled maintenance and reporting

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