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Who we are

BETMAN was founded in 2012 as a service company aimed at designing and researching solutions for the manufacturing and automotive industries.

It is a company that operates mainly in large manufacturing sectors located in the northern Italy area.

It makes use of a vast network of collaborators and suppliers selected with the aim of maximizing the efficiency and quality of the service.

BETMAN provides solutions by carrying out the feasibility study, necessary design and construction of prototypes, single equipment and batch production.

The main services offered are:

  • Technical and economic feasibility analysis, preliminary studies shared with the Client

  • Three-dimensional design with simulations

  • Design of industrial layouts and logistics solutions

  • Creation of systems for internal handling and transport

  • Creation of accessories and equipment for handling and lifting the product

  • Creation of systems for product assembly and testing

  • Construction of support structures

  • Production of customized components and mechanical assemblies

  • Specific checks and calculations, technical reports

Projects executed:


Serial numbers issued:


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